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A great LinkedIn headline can 10x your results. But 99% of people’s headlines suck. Here’s my 7 step formula for turning your headline into an opportunity generating machine:
1/ Everyone's Headline Is The Same Don't believe me? Run a search for any job title on LinkedIn. Everyone's headline on the results page will be some version of: [Job Title] at [Company] With that headline, you're only competing on brand equity. Not your own value.
2/ Great Headlines Have 2 Things I've reviewed thousands of LinkedIn profiles. My data shows that the most effective headlines include: 1. Relevant industry keywords 2. A unique value proposition I like to lead with keywords and end with the value prop. For example:
3/ Start With The Right Keywords Here's how: 1. Find 20+ job descriptions for target roles 2. Copy all 20 of them and paste them into 's job description scanner 3. Run the scan and save the top 5-10 keywords These are the ones you want in your headline.
4/ Find Your Unique Value Start by asking yourself 3 questions: 1. How have I helped the companies I've worked for? 2. What results has my work driven for them? 3. How is my approach different from others? Build that all into a single sentence starting with, "I Help..."
5/ Examples of Unique Value For example: ❌ SaaS Marketing Manager Becomes: ✅ I help SaaS startups add 25k users in 12 months without ads Or: ❌ Data Scientist Becomes: ✅ I use big data to help hospitals reduce readmission rates by 17.5% across 2.5M patients
6/ What If I'm Not In A Numbers-Focused Role? Every role has quantifiable value! Instead of dollars, consider: - Scope (Budget, # Users, etc) - Efficiency / Productivity - Time (how long something took) - Comparison - Asking other teams about the impact your work made
7/ Creating Your Headline Now you have your keywords and your unique value prop. Drop them into this LinkedIn headline formula: [Job Title] | [Keyword 1], [Keyword 2], [Keyword 3] | [Unique Value Prop] I recommend coming up with 3-5 different versions before choosing one.
8/ LinkedIn Headline Example #1 For this example, we'll focus on a Marketer Their headline might look like this: Marketing at Snap | B2B, Paid Social, Analytics-Driven | I Help Snap's B2B Clients Generate 500% ROAS With Social Advertising
9/ LinkedIn Headline Example #2 For this example, we'll focus on a Graphic Designer. Their headline might look like this: Graphic Designer at Hubspot | Human-Centered Designer | I Help Companies Create Ad Designs That Drive 30% More Conversions
10/ LinkedIn Headline Example #3 For our final example, we'll focus on a Data Analyst. Their headline might look like this: Data Analyst at Microsoft | Python, SQL, Tableau | I Help Companies Use Big Data To Tell Stories That Boost Customer Retention By 77%
11/ Want More Advice Like This? 1. Give me a follow (@austinbelcak)! 2. Sign up for my free Cultivated Careers Newsletter. I'll send you my 5 most effective job search strategies + one new job search tip every Monday: Have an awesome Thursday! 🤙

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