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Today, we introduce the new @frame_io brand. This was an intense labor of love, and I'm so very proud to stand behind the work. Our in-house Brand Studio designed nearly every aspect of this rebrand. I’m blown away by what our small team was able to accomplish. A thread…
First, a preamble. The work you see here represents only a *tiny* fraction of this effort. There were countless creative explorations left on the cutting room floor, and the sheer volume of creative execution happening behind the scenes was nothing short of remarkable.
We scrutinized every detail to an excruciating degree, and it was admittedly a painful process. But we made it through to the other side—together. I am so grateful for our team, and I’m honored to be working with them.
Logo. Refined, yet it continues to pay homage to our original mark and company origins.
Color. Our primary palette is derived from our product’s visual language to ensure consistency in user experience—both in our communication and the service our product provides to millions of filmmakers around the world.
Type. Our custom typeface, Frame Gothic, is a modernist sans serif. Designed in partnership with Monotype.
Spotlight. Derived from the tip of our mark, our Spotlight is a distinctive visual element of our brand language. It can be cropped and positioned in endless orientations. It is always able to be new.
Area light. Light is an essential part of film and cinema, and we use light in distinct ways to showcase our brand and bring content to life. Capturing the ambience of a filmic workspace—a darkened edit bay or soundstage.
Cast light. Cast light reflects the dominant colors in an asset and often radiates beyond its boundaries for a heightened presence on the page.
Photography. Our photography and art direction is about aspirational realness. It should feel cinematic, immersive, and striking. Whether on set or in an edit bay—we craft highly considered worlds that inspire the craft of storytelling.
That’s a wrap. We made a little microsite to share our brand assets and celebrate the launch. Finally, a *massive* thank you to our Brand Studio team. I appreciate each one of you 🖤

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