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7 FREE Web3 tutorials you need to know:
1. Blockchain Demo The best and most clear visual explanation for what a blockchain is and how it works. 🔗
2. FreeCodeCamp 32 hours video It will take a while, but it's worth every second. It took me 4 months so go at your own pace and try to understand and code along with Patrick Collins. 🔗
3. Cryptozombies This a great tutorial to get your hands dirty. Great gamification of the tutorial and great to live stream, too! 🔗
4. LearnWeb3 An amazing set of tutorials with different levels, and a great community to support you in case you get lost. Recommended 100% 🔗
5. Speed Run Ethereum Cool Challenges to learn web3 "hands-on" 🔗
6. Road to Web3 A 10-week program to learn from the basics of the Blockchain to more advanced 🔗
7. Solidity by example Not a real tutorial, but an incredible set of code snippets with explanations to get real implementations of Blockchain use-cases 🔗

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