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The ultimate guide to making money in Crypto. ***Bookmark this thread*** 🧵
1 . Buy Bitcoin. NOT Ethereum. NOT Bitcoin Cash. NOT Doge, Cordanoh or AnalOS. Buy Bitcoin, using one of these services: @theamberapp @SwanBitcoin @relai_app @River @CoinCorner @Azteco_ @BullBitcoin_ @unchainedcap
4. Read these books: The Bitcoin Standard 21 Lessons The UnCommunist Manifesto Layered Money When Money Dies The Creature from Jekyll Island Democracy: The God that Failed Atlas Shrugged The Sovereign Individual Everything divided by 21 million by @knutsvanholm
5. Be so inspired that you go back to buy more Bitcoin (step 1), realising that you have the opportunity to convert fiat toilet paper for generational wealth bc the person selling has no idea what they're selling !! See Step 1 for how to do this.
6. Come to discover that Crypto is just Digital Fiat These three articles will help you immensely in finding that distinction h/t @dergigi
7. Up your game and begin listening to some podcasts: - Bitcoin Audible by @GuySwann - @WakeUpPod_ - @SimplyBitcoin by @BITVOLT7 - @TFTC21 - @stephanlivera - Toxic Happy Hour by @publordhodl -
8. Come to realise that Blockchain is just another substance-less buzzword peddled by banks, globalist governments, enterprise software salesmen, science beleibers, career academics, VC vultures, IBM and other organisations that want to imprison/trap or enslave you.
9. Be mindblown in the realisation that this Bitcoin thing is so much bigger than you ever imagined. The time chain. Energy Money. The language of value. Life. Treasure. Holy shit. How deep does this rabbit hole go???
10. Go back & repeat Step 1. Buy MOAR BITCOIN!!
11. Learn about and Self Custody your coins. Where to learn: @btcsessions Products / Services to use: @COLDCARDwallet @unchainedcap @SparrowWallet @MuunWallet @bluewalletio @FOUNDATIONdvcs @wasabiwallet
12. WITHDRAW ALL BITCOIN FROM EXCHANGES! There is no substitute for self custody, and ultimately stone-cold storage. #Bitcoin is generational wealth, free from the threat of obfuscated confiscation (ie; inflation). It's your duty to keep it secure.
13. Now it's time to really Level Up and become a FIRST CLASS Bitcoin Citizen. It's time you learned to Run your own Node. Learn from @BTCsessions @GrassFedBitcoin If you're ready, buy a Node from @start9labs or build your own.
14. Become Sovereign. Only now can you truly say you have "Fuck you Money". It's your money. In Your Custody. You are the Bank.
15. Do something useful with your life. - Work hard - Find a wife - Make some babies - Find some land - Build a house - Secure your food - Learn some more skills (code, write, construct, electrnonics, shooting) - Read - Get sunshine & salt water - Build a network
That's a wrap! Save this thread. This is your ultimate guide to Crypto, and notice it involves NO CRYPTO and NO TRADING. BITCOIN ONLY For more such life-changing advice, follow @SvetskiWrites And if u liked this, RT it so more souls can be saved. Over & out. @SvetskiWritesThe ultimate guide to making money in Crypto. ***Bookmark this thread*** 🧵

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