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For any other creators that want to work with actors or celebrities in their videos, here’s a thread on what our production pipeline typically looks like at my studio.
We just got to work with @zacharylevi to promote the new Shazam movie. This was an ambitious project for the timeline. It was 31 shots and 12 production setups. We had 6 hours with Levi (thank you for your time).
We sort of operate like an animation studio in that we like to watch our videos before they are actually made. How do we do this? We make a rough mockup of the video, shot for shot. We iterate through this process several times before going to set.
When it comes to working with limited time with talent, we do several things to maximize the time. F We pre-light and pre-build out sets in ideally a single location which saves a bunch of company moves for different locations. (Company move is when the crew travel to a different…
On the day, our camera often floats on a steady cam rig like this so we can move to new camera positions quickly shoot out Zachary in a few hours, grabbing all our shots where we are seen on camera together and then his Close Up coverage.
After our talent is wrapped out, we move to my CU coverage. That is technically slower for the production to come back to the same setups, however it saves the talent time from watching my own CU being shot.
Of course, the quick turn around time would not be possible if it weren’t for all the amazing team on our post-production team. They worked tirelessly for a week to turn this around.
And if you want to watch the short film, you can view it here - Let me know if you want to see more #production #behindthescenes threads like this : )

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