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AI is eating data science 🤯 The newest ChatGPT plugin is the most powerful feature OpenAI has released since GPT-4. It makes everyone a data analyst. Here are 15 mind-blowing use cases of the new FREE “Code Interpreter” plugin:
1. Segment your customers in seconds It takes a spreadsheet and then comes up with different segments of music markets - on its own. This used to take hours of a human coding in R or Matlab.
2. Decompose seasonality simply via text On its own, it figured out the exact seasonality in the price of bitcoin - in the blink of an eye. This used to be an analysis you had to conduct. Source: @TechMemeKing
3. Linear regression by itself Simply asking Code Interpreter to come up with "interesting hypotheses" results in a well-constructed automated linear regression. This used to be something you code via R or SAS after coming up with the hypothesis yourself. Source: @emollick
4. Easy Geo Charts You can just upload location data and get a GIF of the thing visualized - in this case, lighthouses in the US twinkling. You used to have to connect this to expensive software like Tableau. Source: @emollick
5. Basic descriptive charts in seconds Just asking for "some basic visualizations" can get you all your data exploration steps that used to take hours in seconds. You used to have to come up with the ideas yourself, even if the charts were easy to generate. Source: @OpenAI
I'm sure you want it now. Quick Break to Answer the Question, "How do you get Code Interpreter?" 3 Steps: 1. Pay for ChatGPT Plus 2. Get on the waitlist for Plugins 3. Be patient You'll get it soon! Back to our list:
6. Graph public data without input It can fetch data from public databases like the IMF and visualize it for you without any work. This used to be a process of finding data, loading into your software, then formatting the chart. All is now done for you. Source: @AiBreakfast
7. Automatic Radar Charts It generated this hard-to-create chart by itself after analyzing this user's 300 hr Spotify playlist. These used to only be available in certain software, and cumbersome to configure. Source: @SHL0MS
8. Heatmaps With Ease A CSV of SF crime data resulted in this heatmap with no guidance. Source: @backus
9. Output the log chart automatically Just ask ChatGPT to analyze a dataset and it'll figure out when a log transformation applies, and output it itself. You used to have to do the transformation yourself and then chart it. Source: @TechMemeKing
10. Cohort chart with no effort Just upload data and it will build your cohorts and chart it in seconds. This used to be several steps of grouping and charting. Now it's done automatically. Source: @danshipper
11. Choose your clustering algorithm and debug At scale clustering into groups of 100 used to be a tedious process in Python. Code Interpreter does it all for you in seconds. And debugs its mistakes. Source: @jmilinovich
12. Natural language querying to reduce stakeholder requests Data scientists used to always get distracted with simple questions from stakeholders like "what's the average list price?" Now they can just do it in Code Interpreter. Source: @JimSpiewak
13. Plot mathematical functions You used to have to go into a math tool to create a simple plot, and then define all the elements of the formula. Code Interpreter will make assumptions and do it without any guidance. Source: @EasyGuideAI
14. Clean data Data cleaning used to be a tedious task filled with human decisions. Code Interpreter will make intelligent decisions for you, like remove unnecessary columns. Source: @olliethedev
15. Do all of the above in one place in seconds In the future, everyone will be a data analyst. Thanks to Code Interpreter. Source: @Saboo_Shubham_
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