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You may have seen us launch a new @loom today. Often when these things launch, the process is kept very opaque. Kept hidden behind a lot of slick visuals and aspirational words. We thought It might be fun to try and demystify the process a little. Thread -->
Here, Brand Strategist @BrooksChambers talks about the early stages of the project. Defining the brief, and the brand strategy work that helped frame our brand messaging and core creative idea.
We designed a new logo! The entire team pitched in on that. I'm the one that has the privilege of showing some of that process here:
We really wanted authentic feeling photography and video. Stock images and footage wasn't going to cut it. So art direction wizard @timlampe designed a look and feel for those.
And our Producer Ali Paterson (not on Twitter) brought it all to life. During a pandemic!
Our rebrand project was purposefully separated from redesigning our marketing site. That became the first big expression of our new brand. @JudsonCollier gives a little insight into the process of designing the new
We also completely redesigned our product. @Twokie_ describes how we applied the new brand to all our product surfaces.
Finally, here's @BrooksChambers again to talk about our Voice and Tone guidelines and the thinking and strategy behind them.
That's it! Obviously there's a ton more to share and we'll continue to do that over the coming weeks / months. I'm truly lucky to get to work with such a humble and talented team and we're looking forward to continuing to open up about our process and what we learn along the way.
One final thing to note is that aside from some motion design help from our friend @brentclouse this was executed 100% by the internal team here at @loom. We have a ton more to do, but for now hope you enjoy discovering the new Loom.
Shout out to EVERYONE on the team. Too many to mention but on design specifically @_brittlayton @thedezzie @BrooksChambers @timlampe @_jessicamcmanus @acacheung @kimw @tonypoor @nodeOne @JudsonCollier

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