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What does it mean to be a senior designer? That's a simple question, but a loaded one. I'll break it down into 4 sections: - Impact / influence - Skillset - Tactic to grow - Resource ⬇️ Let's go ⬇️
💡 Impact The more senior, the larger your impact radius. Entry-level → VP Feature problem → Company problem Grads/Juniors will focus on improving their crafts and self-growth. The more senior the designer, the more complex and bigger the problem she will take.
💡 Common signals (Entry-level → more senior) Solve problems → Identify+solve problems Grow yourself → Grow others Concrete problem → Complex problem Seek for guidance → Self-directed As you take bigger responsibilities, you need a stronger skillset...
💡 Skillset Normally designers began with different strengths. You choose: - Double down on that strengths—or, - Improving your weak area
💡 Tactics to grow: 🔵 Self reflect 🔵 Read books 🔵 Side projects 🔵 Exchange thoughts with other designers 🔵 Reflect on your strengths
📒🗒️ Each company has their own expectation. I encourage you to talk with your manager, have a discussion and play an active role. This model just to help you get a bigger picture. It by no mean suitable for every company.
Since each company is working in a different problem space, it's a good idea to check how they measure different levels. @brian_lovin has collected a few here in Staff Design ⬇️⬇️

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